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2016 - OpenPOWER Summit 2016, San Jose CA, April 5-8 - Speaker
::Session - Leading cloud apps development and business on Power


2015 - IBM Systems Magazine Press release - Three Laws of Softwaristics  

2015 - IT Jungle Press release - Advice From The Mavens Of Modernization  

2015 - Ref. on IBM Systems Magazine article by Jon Paris and Susan Gantner - March 
::Press release - IBM Systems Magazine - Life after DDS 

2015 - OpenPOWER - OpenPOWER Foundation Associate Individual member  


2014 - IBM i ISV Advisory Council meeting in Rochester (MN) 21-22 May
::Press release - MC Press - What's New with RPG Open Access and the Open Standard (OAMOS)?


2013 - ITSO Residency in Rochester (MN) 29 July - 23 August - IBM i Redbooks writing
:: Modernizing IBM i Applications from the Database up to the User Interface and Everything in Between
  • Open Access
  • Globalization
  • Cloud


2013 - IBM i ISV Advisory Council meeting in Rochester (MN) 1-2 May
::Press release - IBM System Magazine - The Open Standard for RPG OA Metadata


2012 - IBM i ISV Advisory Council meeting in Rochester (MN) 15-16 May
::Press release - IT Jungle - New RPG Open Access Standard Depends On XML


2011 - IBM i ISV Advisory Council meeting in Rochester (MN) 17-18 May
::Creation of the consortium with IBM - Open Access Metadata Standard


2010 - IBM i ISV Advisory Council meeting in Rochester (MN) 19-20 May


2009 - IBM i ISV Advisory Council meeting in Rochester (MN) 12-14 May
::RPG Open Access Handler development with looksoftware for openlook


2008 - Creation of the tool db2web2 : Tool to Build-up web2.0 apps from DB2 (PHP / SQL / RPG + ExtJS/Sencha)


2006 - IT Jungle press release by Alex Woodie about Fall COMMON Conference in Miami Beach and iWeb
:: IT Jungle article
- Demonstration of the modernisation tool: iWeb - to the IBM System i Solution Enablement team at the IBM Rochester lab .
:: IBM Rochester (MN) - USA
- Participation to the IBM System i Innovation Awards.
:: Presentation of a Sudoku program on the iSeries (RPGLE)


2005 - I have been selected by the global innovation center of IBM to become an active member of the ISV Advisory Council of IBM (aimed at the global strategic development of the iSeries system functionalities - Rochester USA)
:: 6 conference call/webex meetings & 3 days at Rochester – MN - USA - every years


2004 - Creation of a Modernization Architecture conversion process for iSeries apps.
:: Main author and project manager of the tool: iWeb - Enables 5250 apps to the Web.
:: Chief Architect - Collaboration with Galgano Informatica - Italy


2004 - Giovanni Perotti introduced me to Galgano Informatica to which I presented my work on Object Architecture communication conversion from 5250 Architecture communication to enable 5250 apps to the web.
:: 5250 vs Web


2002 - IBM Tool Network rewards for study on Object Architecture communication conversion from 5250 Architecture communication. Creation of the converter tool Webgate400 .
:: 5250 vs XML


2001 - Creation of the 1st WAP page (HTML ancestor) running between an AS400 and a mobile phone (running on the original HTTP Server on iSeries) HTML WAP .
:: WAP from iSeries


2000 - Starting of study on 5250 logic (legacy iSeries apps) towards Object Oriented logic.
:: 5250 vs OO


2000 - Study on CGI and the Web possibilities for the AS400.
:: easy400 - Technical contribution to avoid CGIs cache  (Determinant to enable enterprise web app). 


1999 - Creation of the tool: Structure Vision - Retro-Documentation and Navigational Management System for AS400 programs & objects.
:: Development & marketing


1997 - IT support - Development interface between in-house apps and JDE.
:: William Grant & Sons International - Scotland


1996 - Participation to the development of a Share register system for The Royal Bank of Scotland.
:: The Royal Bank of Scotland - HQ, Edinburgh


1995 - Implementation - Expertise on CallPath APIs for AS/400 solution - Telephone switch control from the AS400.
:: Campbell Lee computer services - Hannay recycling - Scotland