Structure Vision

Structure Vision (c) 1998-2014


Structure Vision: AS400 Navigational Management / Audit / Development System



Bullet point of the product:

  • Gives an interactive « blue print » (map) of any AS400, iSeries, System i , IBM i applications.

  • Show up all connections (links) between application’s objects and elements (up to field level).

  • Assist & makeup scenarios impact for any applications audit/upgrades/changes.

  • Assist programmers to navigate between links and operate within sources & objects interactively, directly and with user option commands.

  • Save up an average of 20% time to programmer’s days to days work and consistent time for architectural applications changes.

  • Ideal to automate structured and comprehensive application documentation.

  • Ideal to assist application audit, updates or migration.

  • Ideal to speed learning curve process for new incoming programmers to legacy application.



The first version of Structure Vision has been made in 1998, the up to date version is V4.3.